Installing the PAMCO CB750, 500, 550, 400F and 350F Ignition

These instructions are for the model with two 5 foot cables and 3 wires each: Red, Black and Green

Click here for instructions for the newer model with two 2 foot cables and 3 wires each


1. Remove the points plate and advance mechanism.

2. Remove the points cam from the advance mechanism. On some models of the advance mechanism, it is necessary to remove the weights as the points cam has a flange on the bottom.
3. Reinstall the weights if removed in step 2.

Note: On some advancers there is a small pin located on the shaft of the advancer. If you have this pin on your advancer, follow these instructions:

1.  Check for the pin and if there grind off with small grinding tool or file.  If
necessary clean with WD-40 to remove metal particles then apply
 light oil to prevent rust.
2. Apply a light coating of grease on the advancer shaft.
3. Once the rotor is bolted to advancer check for free movement and spring return.

The PAMCO rotor is now installed on the advance mechanism with the PAMCO plate in between. Each advance weight must be extended in order for the slots in the PAMCO rotor to engage the small tabs on the weights.


1. Place the rotor on a flat surface.


2. Place the PAMCO plate on  the rotor.



3. Hold the weights in the extended position and insert the tabs on the weights into the slots of the PAMCO rotor.



4. The rotor can engage the tabs on the weights in one of two ways. This is the preferred way.


5. With the trigger magnet positioned as shown above, the green wire from the trigger on the right goes to the coil for cylinders 1 and 4 (blue wire), and the other green wire goes to the coil for cylinders 2 and 3 (yellow wire). If you assemble the rotor with 2-3 in place of 1-4 as shown, then you can either do it again, or just reverse the wires for each cylinder.


6. Install the PAMCO plate and rotor in place of the points plate with the upper mounting screw in the center of its slot, as shown.


This next step will require you to remove the gas tank. If you are installing the 17-6903 coils, then remove the stock coils and the little sub brackets. Install the 17-6903 coils using the bolts and spacers that come with the kit like this;



1. Connect the red wires from both cables of the PAMCO to the black/white wire that comes from the kill switch. The black/white wire is still connected to the coil.

2. The black wire from both cables of the PAMCO is connected to the frame. 

3. The green wire from one of the cables is connected to the 1 - 4 coil. (blue wire) (See #5 Above)

4. The green wire from the other cable is connected to the 2 - 3 coil (yellow wire) (See #5 above)

5. The engine should start at this point. If it does not, turn off the ignition switch and verify which set of cylinders is associated with which color wire per step 4, above.

6. You can rotate the crank with a wrench on the nut that secures the PAMCO rotor to position the timing marks for either 1-4 or 2-3 cylinders. Note the position of the trigger magnet (step 4, above).

7. After you have started the engine, use a timing light connected to cylinder #4 and look in the hole on the top of the plate to see where the timing is.

8. Loosen the mounting screws for the plate and rotate it clockwise to retard the timing or counterclockwise to advance the timing.

9. For the CB750 model, set the timing at the "F" mark at 1000 RPM and then check for max advance at 2500 RPM. Other models please consult  your service manual for the correct timing.

10. Secure the mounting screws.