Electronic Ignition System for the

 Honda CB750, CB500(4 Cyl), CB550 AND CB350F, CB400F


Available NOW for Honda CB450 Twins !!

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1969 to 1978  Models

Get Rid of Those Points!

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Technology: Hall effect sensor, IGBT coil driver

Dwell: Fixed, 120 degrees
Coil primary resistance: 2.5 to 5.0 Ohms, dual output. (Coils not included. Stock coils may be reused)
Operating voltage: 6 to 18 VDC
Operating current: 13 ma
Operating Temperature: -40 to +150C (-40 to 302F)
Spark Advance: Standard, centrifugal

Simple installation: Battery, ground and coils. No external box of tricks.

Plate milled from high quality aluminum.

Rotor with two magnets made from a solid billet of aluminum on a CNC machine.


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The electronics for this ignition system are the same as the very popular PAMCO system for the YAMAHA XS650 that has been available for the past 10 years.


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PAMCO Hall Effect Ignition System

The system is $119.95 plus shipping

Price does not include coils. Stock coils may be reused.


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This system was developed  in answer to the need for a low cost, reliable electronic ignition system to replace the points on the HONDA CB350F, CB400F, CB750, CB500 and CB550

The system incorporates a Hall effect sensor and a purpose built IBGT coil driver transistor, the same one that is used on many automobile electronic ignition systems as well as the latest "Coil on Plug" systems.











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